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New announcements:

New US location - 16 June 2020

PLAST-CONTROL Inc has moved to a new location in the United States to Dover New Hampshire. The Sales, service and parts warehouse is now located at this facility.

Open service position - September 2020

PLAST-CONTROL is searching for additional field service help to commission and service systems throughout the United States and Canada. This is a full time position with full benefits. If you have experience in industrial electronics (either through education or on the job experience) please forward your resume to to find out more detail.

PRO-LAB II Offline film profile gauge measurement unit

Absolute thickness measurement and relative deviation versions or combination

*Newest generation film measuring unit

*Available with absolute touch sensing head for true thickness measurement

*Stepper motor moves film at selectable distances between measurements for repeatability

*Optional capacitance sensor for high resolution continuous measurement mode calibrated with touching sensor

*Includes software for customers supplied PC running Windows

*Optional film guide and stand for clean easy operation

*Option display/computer mounted on unit

*Optional film container to keep loose film clean

*Simple to use

*Conforms to DIN 533370 / ISO 4593 / ASTM-D 6988-08

see brochure Downloads/Brochures/PRO-LAB II brochure.pdf


PRO-CON K1100 automatic gauge control air ring for dies 750-1100mm (29.5" - 43.3")

*Can retrofit to old or new lines

*Increase output rates by at least 20% over existing air ring

*Improve gauge profile by over 50%

*80 zones of control elements

*Requires no additional energy to run

*Fast control reaction compared to heater elements




PRO-SONIC IBC control - looking to add or upgrade your IBC (Internal Bubble Cooling) needs!

*Can be retrofitted to old lines (existing IBC) or added on new lines

*stand-alone package or integrated into complete line control

*1,3 or 4 ultrasonic sensor versions

*control frequency adjustable drive on inlet blower or high speed butterfly valve

*optional width measurement with either ultrasonic sensors or absolute layflat measurement

*layflat held to 2-4mm (requires good bubble cage)

see brochure Downloads\Brochures\IBC and Width Control US.pdf


PIPE-IDENT   resin hose identification system to ensure the correct resin is being loaded into the blender

Do you ever feed the wrong resin into you machine?

Do you ever make hours worth of product only to find out the blend was wrong?

Have you ever had product returned due to incorrect blends?

Install the PIPE-IDENT in combination with PLAST-CONTROL blenders and you will take control!

*retrofitable on existing pipe stands

*no wiring on flexible hose

*robust transmitter & receiver

*you define the need and we deliver the solution

see brochure Downloads\Brochures\PIPE_IDENT.pdf

PRO-CON "C" series air ring latest design of air ring body for integration into the PRO-CON DUO stacked air rings

For high output rates of quality films.

Increased film properties such as:

*Tear Strength (Elmendorf)

*Dart Drop Impact

*Film Clarity

Other Features:

*Can be run in lower position as standard air ring

*Bubble can be pulled while in the lowered position - no physical restrictions

*Die lip can be accessed for cleaning in the lowered position

*Reduced bubble breaks due to stronger film strengths

see brochure Downloads\Brochures\Duo II air ring.pdf (new brochure 2/2014)

Contact us for a report on actual films produced and results from customers lab

PRO-FIL AIR CC 100% non contact capacitive measurement system for on the bubble with scanner or mounted in the collasping frame

Perfect for all non-metallic films, not to be used for Barrier film unless measuring only Barrier layers.

*Non scratching

*No resin build up like contact sensors

*No heat transfer from film (can be mounted lower in tower)

*No special license or training required

see brochure Downloads\Brochures\Product_info_sheet_AirCC_v1.pdf



PLAST-CONTROL general product brochure General Product Brochure 

PLAST-CONTROL manufactures extrusion process management technology and control software in Remscheid, Germany. Systems and components are engineered to enhance production of blown film, sheet, cast, pipe and tubing. PLAST-CONTROL installations have enabled more than 50% improvements in gauge control in blown film processing, significant improvements in product yields per pound of material, while in many cases increasing output as well. All PLAST-CONTROL systems and components can be retrofitted to optimize the performance of most extrusion systems and may be ordered as integral components of new extrusion lines. PLAST-CONTROL technology is unique, patented and available only from PLAST-CONTROL. We have retrofit packages available to completely take an old blown film line and give it new life with all up to date technology as needed. More than 14,000 PLAST-CONTROL gravimetric systems and more than 1,000 automatic gauge control systems are successfully in operation throughout the world since 1979. There are more than 850 systems installed in North America.

Products include: air rings (automatic and standard), online profile measurement sensors, IBC control, temperature controls, extrusion yield control, gravimetric blending (continuous Dosing & batch), vacuum loading hardware, width layflat measurement and control, bubble cages, data collection system, gauge control products (segmented air ring/segmented plate/die & air ring heater controls), complete line retrofits with new controls.




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